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Working with EAP Customer Services will be like teaming up with hundreds of Realtors. EAP is a concierge service for Homeowners, Realtors and Property Investors. We help our clients with anything from getting moving services set up to a total remodel of their kitchens, bathrooms and anything in between. EAP Customer Services attracts customers from our online presence, website and social media as well as third party online sources where customers are looking for contractors. EAP Customer Services is plugged into many of the top Realtors networking associations in all of Houston. Think about it, each Realtor has a customer that is either buying or selling a home. And each one of those customers need work done by professional contractors. Our Realtor and Homeowner base is expanding everyday, so our contractor base needs to be expanding along with our growth. Join our fast growing team of experts contracts. All leads are real leads. Let EAP do the work finding customer for you. All you have to do is collect our leads and provide our customers with Quality, Reliability and Affordability. Sign up today!




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