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How can a concierge service for Homeowners and Realtors help make life easier when called upon? EAP Customer Services is a professional contractor referral service ready to help you with a variety of services in or around your house? No matter whether you are a Homeowner or Realtor, time is a precious commodity that we never seem to have enough of. EAP Customer Services is the service that can help you get some of your time back.

Al Pye, the owner of EAP, designed his company specifically to solve a problem that he was intimately familiar with. Al’s wife Colleen has been a successful top Realtor in Houston for over 13 years and she is the inspiration for EAP Customer Services. Colleen was constantly dealing with a problem that was taking up too much of her time, contractors. Throughout the past 13 years Al met several Realtor and had many conversations and he saw the repeating theme start to unfold. Realtors needed a service that was designed to help relieve ¬†the burden of dealing with contractors in order to complete home repairs for the purpose of buying or selling a home. This is how EAP Customer Services became a reality. EAP was created as a Concierge Service to make life less stressful for Realtors by providing the best contractors for all home repair needs.


With the success of EAP Customer Services working with Realtors it only made since to expand our services to individual homeowners. This expansion happened organically as Realtors began using our services for their personal homes. Through expanded marketing EAP is now very successful in bringing homeowners best of breed contractors that have been interviewed by EAP and met our standards of great service, affordable pricing and service reliability. EAP is a Houston based company dealing with local handymen and professional contractors. A lot of our professional services are handled by local small business owners. Small businesses tend to give better service. They are usually more competitive because they don’t have the same overhead as larger companies. And more importantly, small businesses tend to communicate much better than a large company resulting in better customer satisfaction. Because our customers are important to us, we are always striving to make our Professional services the best in their individual fields.

Easy As Pye

The goal at EAP is to make your contractor needs hassle free. One phone call to EAP and we do the rest. EAP will gather all the information needed so that we can send the right qualified contractors out to bid on your job. Our customers will always have a choice as to which contractor will be chosen.


Our handymen are Realtor tested. Realtors have used these professional contractors for years. Most contractors working with EAP have been recommended by local Realtors. There is nothing better than working with a contractor that has a proven track record with plenty of references.




No matter what the size of your repair needs, whether it is a leaky faucet or a complete kitchen remodel, just know that EAP will get you matched up with the right Handyman or Professional Contractor.